Baby & Toddler


Everything to a baby is brand new.  Using senses and developing motor abilities, a newborn reaches out, explores, and starts to figure out the “new” world. Infant playthings should nourish a young child’s innate curiosity and encourage repeat play.

Toddlers are busy, busy, busy.  At this age, all neurons are firing and the connections are fast and furious.  Toddlers need truly interactive toys – toys that engage, are child-powered and as imaginative as their minds.

Crackerjacks Toys and Children's Books offers a variety of toys for your infant or toddler to enjoy. Whether you're looking for something that lights up and makes sounds, or possibly a toy with lots of textures and colors we have what you are looking for. Our inventory changes as new options are available to make sure we can provide you with the newest items.

Come visit our store in downtown Easton to see more of our selection.